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Multilingual Special Interest Groups

Interpreters Services for small, medium and large companies

London Multilingual Business ServicesMany different sectors necessitate interpreters who are conversant in business as well as his/her command of the language and ensure efficiency.

London Multilingual LecturerIn addition many interpreters are experienced in conducting tours and lectures in National Museums and National Galleries for Groups and individuals in many languages.

Very useful for Companies who like to entertain their clients for a few hours.

Most common Languages in Europe and the Americas: English, Spanish, Italian, French and German for business and for holidays.

London Tour GuidesInternational conventions, trade fairs, conference and exhibitions in the UK.

Lecturer National GalleryIn addition, Multilingual interpreters have experience in negotiating incentive travel for Spanish, Italian, English, German and French speaking Events in London.

A Multi-lingual person will accompany you to some countries in Europe to inspect properties or agree contracts with overseas factories and industries.

Simultaneous Translation in progressSimultaneous translation service is provided in addition to interpreting support to leisure departments of London City companies for their clients and visiting staff.

Corporate London TranslatorInterpreters and translators have won the respect of many UK businesses with overseas interests who recognise how usefull their skill, studies and personal experience are.

Corporate and commercial work is often Free-lance work counted by the hours and taylored by subjects.